Land Tasmania have set up a service that will enhance your field data collection activities.

Land Tasmania provides key land focused information services.  They are the state government department behind LISTmap.

This service is based on ArcGIS Collector and will enable field operators to view their location and their data using LIST base maps.

ArcGIS Collector is free software for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android. ArcGIS collector is integrated with ArcGIS online and this combination  will enable you and the rest of your chosen team to  view your field collected data through LISTmap at no cost.

All you need is a smart phone or tablet (Apple/Android) and a subscription to ArcGIS Online.  These subscriptions are free for the first month of use.

This means you can now quickly and easily set up your own field data collection system.  The data can be easily accessed in real time by the people you choose, either inside or outside your organisation.

The benefits of ArcGIS Collector

Collect Data

Create the data that matters to your organisation.  Trees, on ground works, defect reports, asset locations, hazards, pipes, water meters and weed infestations.  You choose.

Forms to suit you

Forms that match your data capture needs are quick and easy to set up so you can capture the data you want.  Species and height for trees; material and depth for pipes or; rating and status for hazards. You choose.

Photos or videos

Sometimes a photo provides the best description. You can easily take a photo or a video while using collector and submit them as an attachment to your data.

Go Live!

Data goes directly and securely to the cloud so it can be shared and monitored as it is collected.  You control who can access the data.  If the collector drops out of range then its stored on the device until it reconnects.

Field Data Capture Specialists

RIA Mobile GIS specialise in field data capture using ESRI technologies.  We would be delighted to help you make the most of the opportunities provided by Land Tasmania and ArcGIS Collector.

Every organisation has different needs. The best way to find out what you can achieve is to talk to us.

We offer a free consultation.  This will allow us to discuss your requirements and provide you with options.

Call us on 1300 655 241 or send us an email.

If you are in Hobart then why not drop in to our office?

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