Road Inventory Videos

By Robert Driessen

Every 2 years the Tasmanian Department of Infrastructure Energy and Resources (DIER) captures videos of all roads managed by the state. This videos support the management of the road assets and are used for a number of purposes including safety, maintenance and inventory. Videos reduce the need for departmental officers and contractors to make costly field trips. The capture of the videos is by ARRB who provide centre, left and right videos for each section of road in both directions. They also provide GPS coordinate information and odometer readings that can be linked back to individual video frames. More than 3500 individual video files are provide in a road video survey of the state.

DIER required a way of allowing all staff to quickly and easily find the right part of the relevant video for a known section of road.


The role of RIA within the project

RIA developed electronic drive (eDrive) software that provided easy access to the road inventory videos. The software displayed the video tracks on a map so users could easily zoom to a required location and then select a video from the map and play it at the selected location. As the video played the current location was shown on the map. Users could also press a U Turn button to start playing the video for the opposite road direction. They could also select a video by specifying a road name, road link and/or chainage.  All videos, together with a spatial index and maps are stored on a file share that are accessed by the software.  The software is cost effective and has been rolled out to over 200 computers in the Department.  It has also been made available to road maintenance contractors of the department via a data license arrangement.

“Instant location access has made life of office based staff much easier, saved travel time and has contributed to staff safety.”

Jan Lang,  the Manager Asset Information at DIER

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  • Client: Department of Infrastructure Energy and Resources
  • Tasks: Design and develop a map based platform for accessing and displaying road videos
  • Categories: Asset Defect Capture, Asset Management, Software Development