Road Defect Monitoring

By Tim Price

Stornoway is a Tasmanian based company, in charge of delivering maintenance services to the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER) in the north of the state. Their role involves the routine inspection and maintenance of the state road network. When defects are encountered, they must record information about the issue along with details of any works that were completed in their rectification. These defects can be anything ranging from potholes and damaged culverts, through to the removal of hazardous debris.

The traditional approach to recording these inspections was manual, with inspectors entering details such as the road asset code and chainage, obtained from vehicle trip metres.

To streamline data administration and reduce human error, Stornoway was looking for a fully integrated system that improved efficiency and accuracy.

The Role of RIA

RIA Mobile GIS provided Stornoway with a complete, integrated system that allows the field workers to record inspections in the field, in digital format. Utilising GPS technology, the system automatically locates all information that is collected using both spatial coordinates and road chainages. Along with location details, information such as the inspector’s name, the date and the time are all logged automatically.

To enforce data integrity, defect codes and job tasks are exported directly from the asset management system. Inspectors are forced to select from these values, ensuring consistent and accurate data across the board.

A web portal built in to the software allows the team to simply upload their data back to head office with the click of a button. Not only does this makes the delivery of data simple, and it also facilitates the transferral of data from remote locations.

“It gives us absolute confidence in the data as all records are automatically logged with time, date and the inspector’s name. If we need to, we can trace every record back to when it was recorded.”  

Steve Puli, Engineering Manager, Maintenance Services Group, DIER

A set of synchronisation tools also developed by RIA are then used in the office to merge all of the new, field collected data, directly into Stornoway’s asset management system with minimal fuss.

The Road Inspection System developed by RIA has not only improved the operational efficiency of Stornoway, but it has also given DIER improved visibility and confidence in the information being provided to them by their contractor.

Components used in this solution

– Algiz 7 Tablet / Motorola MC65 PDA
– ArcPad 10
– ArcGIS 10
– GeoSync

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  • Client: Stornoway
  • Tasks: Mobile asset inspection system
  • Categories: Asset Defect Capture, Asset Management