Rail Maintenance Inspection

By Robert Driessen

The Rail Management Unit of the Tasmanian Department of Infrastructure Energy and Resources were responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the Tasmanian Railway Network by Pacific National.

RIA Mobile GIS developed a maintenance verification system that allowed inspectors to record outcomes of maintenance activities including location, asset details, details of contractor claims and inspection results.  The system supported a number of field crews and allowed the data to be uploaded to the head office via an ftp server.  A synchronization service then integrated the data into a single database.  An office based system was developed that allowed the integrated verification data to be reconciled with the invoice claims from the maintenance contractors before payment was approved.

The maintenance system was extended to support fault recording and asset location, these details were also incorporated into the synchronization process.

The Rail Management Unit also needed to regularly assess the condition of every railway sleeper in the network.  This involved recording the location of each sleeper, as well as the construction type and condition.  The system was built so that inspectors could quickly move along a track recording these details for each sleeper.  The system was highly successful and was used perform a condition assessment of all sleepers on the active railways of the state’s network.  RIA Mobile GIS also developed an office based system to review the sleeper data, highlight statistical information for sections of railway track and highlight sections of track that were liable to imminent failure.

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  • Client: Tasmanian Department of Infrastructure Energy and Resources
  • Tasks: Software design and development of mobile inspection system
  • Categories: Asset Management, Inspection System