Project Tiger GIS Modules, Mineral Resources Tasmania

By Robert Driessen

MRT (Mineral Resources Tasmania) through Project TIGER developed an integrated information system that forms part of a wider whole-of-government land information system. One of the important objectives of the project was to use a whole-of-government land information resource as the foundation upon which a number of new Internet services could be delivered to clients.  Several data models were developed to store key data sets held at MRT including groundwater, geohazards, mineral deposits, samples and geochemistry.  MRT migrated data to the new models as part of Project Tiger and developed web based data entry and enquiry systems.  However MRT also required more advanced spatial editing and enquiry systems so that MRT staff could continue performing previous GIS based tasks using the new data model.

RIA Mobile GIS developed GIS modules based on the preferred ESRI ArcGIS platform at MRT.  These GIS modules relied on ArcGIS to perform the required spatial analysis and enquiry operations.  An application was developed that allowed the results of the spatial operations to be propagated to Oracle Discoverer via a seamless link.  The Oracle components were developed by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and RIA Mobile GIS worked with developers from this company to integrate the GIS operations with the textual reporting capabilities of Oracle.

For each of the data models (groundwater, geohazards, mineral deposits, samples and geochemistry) RIA Mobile GIS performed the following tasks:
– assessment of user needs through meetings and feedback sessions with key users;
– definition and documentation of GIS functions for visualisation and analysis of the data models;
– definition of Oracle views to be implemented by Deloittes;
– development of ArcGIS interface based on user requirements;
– provided orientation to each of the user groups.

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  • Client: Mineral Resources Tasmania
  • Tasks: Extend ArcGIS using ArcObjects
  • Categories: Desktop GIS, Software Development