NSW Roads and Traffic Authority

By Lance Conry

The New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) monitors and manages the NSW road network 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their role increases significantly during major public activities such as World Youth Day and the APEC conference. During these times they need to manage a large number of isolated incidents and keep their field officers, police officers and emergency service operatives informed of all relevant issues.

The field officers exposed to each of the incidents need to provide information about the incident to the control room and advise other parties that might be impacted by the incident.  During major events, the volume of information is such that usual voice communication techniques are not adequate to ensure the information about each incident is captured and disseminated quickly reliably and efficiently to the personnel that need it.

RIA Mobile GIS provided a solution that would allow the RTA to capture incidents as they occurred in the field.  The integrated system would also allow the central monitoring and management of all incidents and the dissemination of information to other parties.  Knowing the location of each incident was critical to the system. Mobile computers fitted with GPS enabled the location and extent of the incident to be captured in the field. A private wireless network was used to send the data about each incident, including photos, back to a central database as it was captured.  At the same time, other incidents captured by other field officers nearby were downloaded onto the mobile device so the operator was kept informed of other relevant incidents.

The geographic information system at the centre was capable of displaying all incidents as they were captured and uploaded by the field officers.  This allowed the control room to monitor and manage all incidents.  The incident data was also disseminated over the internet via a web map display which could be accessed by stakeholders without field devices.

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  • Client: New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority
  • Tasks: Mobile GPS System design and development
  • Categories: Mobile GIS, Software Development