Health and Human Services

By Robert Driessen

The Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) required the development of specifications for a system that would assist it in better planning the location and allocation of its physical and human resources.

The foundation data for the system was to be the physical location of the department’s assets together with details of the services and resources maintained at these sites. The system, would draw on the information contained in a number of existing systems, both PC and server based, and would integrate this asset information with other internal and external data sets (including ABS Census data).  This would enable the modelling and mapping of such items as population and health related statistics at various levels of spatial and temporal resolution.

The role of RIA Mobile GIS in the project

To allow the development of such a system, RIA Mobile GIS undertook a detailed user needs and requirements study that defined the scope and functionality of the Asset Requirements Mapping system.  The following objectives were completed as part of the study:

– Defined the system and data requirements through consultation with three core stakeholder groups.
– Based on a set of agreed functional requirements, proposed a system that would meet the current needs of the stakeholders and form a foundation for possible future system extensions.
– Prepared documentation that would allow the Department to proceed to issuing a tender for the development and implementation of the system.
– Provide estimates of likely costs of such a system.

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  • Client: Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services
  • Tasks: Stakeholder consultation and system design
  • Categories: Infrastructure, Strategic Review