GWM Water

By Tim Price

GWM Water covers the Grampians Wimmera Mallee regions of rural Victoria. The corporation looks after around 70,000 customers with a geographic spread of 62,000 square kilometres, which is about 30% of the state. The area is similar in size to Tasmania and covers 13 municipalities either fully or partially.

RIA Mobile GIS provided a system that allowed field services officers to capture the location and detail of water meters in urban areas.  The system guided the operator along a pre planned route in the field and allowed the absolute location of the water meter to be recorded using global positioning systems (GPS).

Global positioning systems allow utility assets to be positioned to an accuracy that is greater than the accuracy of many exiting property boundary datasets.  Consequently, although the systems records the correct location of the assets the error in the property boundaries often means that the asset appears to plot in the wrong location, sometimes even inside the neighbouring parcel of the land.  This is a typical occurrence when property boundaries derived from one source are integrated with GPS captured asset data.

To overcome this, the system developed by RIA Mobile GIS allowed the GWM Water field operatives to capture the GPS location of the asset as well as the location relative to the property boundaries.  The latter was achieved by displaying the GPS location in the mobile device as well as the property boundaries and then allowing the field service operator to adjust the location relative to the property boundary.  Both the GPS location and the “relative” location were recorded as data by the system.  In subsequent use of the data by GWM Water, either the absolute or relative coordinates could be used depending on the situation.

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  • Client: GWM Water
  • Tasks: Software design and development of mobile Asset data capture system
  • Categories: Asset Management, Mobile GIS