Cradle Mountain Water

By Tim Price

RIA Mobile GIS won the “Supply and Implementation of a GIS System” tender for Cradle Mountain Water (CMW) in 2009.  As part of this implementation, RIA developed tools and expertise within CMW to amalgamate to water and sewer asset data from the councils and bulk water suppliers.  This included the development of tools that could be used to exchange data with councils in an offline manner for future exchange purposes.  The water model implemented was based the ESRI Water Utility model, designed by the Water Industry users of the ESRI suite of software suite.  This was model was also implemented by Southern Water.  RIA further refined the model to suit the specific needs of Cradle Mountain Water.

RIA installed and implemented a Web GIS interface for CMW, this allowed them free viewing of spatial data for all their staff and simplified the connections between their corporate applications.  Ensuring that the corporate interface matches the user requirements and expectations was a critical aspect to this process, and significant time was spent on this activity.  The development also included the integration of the GIS with CMW Corporate systems including TRIM and Navision.

RIA’s extensive experience in both stand alone and connected mobile computing ensured that CMW were also provided with significant productivity enhancements and leading edge field force automation.  These included:

  • Water reading mapping while reading.  A system was established so that water meter readers could record the GPS coordinate of water meters whist performing meter reading.  This meant that the asset only needed to be visited once where these are usually inefficiently separated into two visits.
  • Relative and absolute location Both the absolute position (GPS) of the asset are and recorded as well as the relative position of the meter to the property boundary.  This is of enormous benefit when there are errors in the details of the property boundaries.  This process also corrects the street address of the water meter.
  • Remote Access. Support of Field workers in remote areas was supported through the development of asset data check in/ check processes via FTP.  This solution was developed for remote clients in South Australia and the northern Territory, and implemented at Southern Water
  • Return to base reminders . Field applications included timeout warnings for users, to remind them that that it was time to upload their field data.  This also improved the accuracy and reliability of the data.
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  • Client: Cradle Mountain Water
  • Tasks: Design and Development of Web and mobile GIS
  • Categories: Asset Management, Mobile GIS, Server GIS