Australian Vodafone Network – Mapping and Analysis

By Robert Driessen

Downer Engineering was tendering for the maintenance of various Vodafone sites distributed throughout Australia.  To assist with the tendering process Downer needed to be able to visualise the Vodafone sites and determine optimum service zones based on existing and proposed Downer service centres.  They also needed to determine typical road travel times from the centres to each Vodafone site.

RIA Mobile GIS mapped the Vodafone sites and produced a map series showing their location in relation to existing infrastructure and Downer service centres.  These were presented to Downer for review.

Based on direct travel distance scenarios, RIA calculated service districts based on 3 hour travel times from existing Downer centres.  This highlighted the requirement for creating a number of additional centres in strategic locations throughout Australia.  The service district assignment model was then rerun using the new centres.  Service districts were generated using a veroni polygon technique based on the allocation for each Vodafone site.

Travel times were calculated to each site from the relevant service centre using a shortest network path technique.  Isochrones were also calculated and plotted for each service centre and presented on a series of maps based on each service district.  The maps also showed the optimum route, service centre, sites and site identification numbers.  Other output included a comprehensive spreadsheet showing, service district allocation, travel times and distances along the road network and the offset distance of the site from the road network.

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  • Client: Downer Engineering
  • Tasks: Data collation, Spatial Analysis and Map Production
  • Categories: Infrastructure, Map Production, Spatial Analysis