mobile gis bike safetyThe Bike Bell Project came about through the recognition of how smartphones can make our roads safer for vulnerable users. By utilising this technology we can increase the awareness of our location to other users so that we can better share the roads and footways by which we travel.

The bike bell app has two modes. One mode is for cyclists who want to broadcast their location to nearby road or footpath users. The other mode is for drivers or pedestrians who want to be alerted when there is a cyclist nearby. All drivers can download and use the Bike Bell app for free. The more drivers that use the Bike Bell app the better and safer it is for cyclist. There is an in app purchase for Cyclists who wish to broadcast their location.

Whenbike bell safety shield the broadcast function is activated, a moving virtual safety buffer is created around the cyclist.  Any device running the app in either driving or walking modes are notified when they come within this safety buffer.

The Bike Bell app is available on iOS devices running OS version 7.0 or later and Android devices supporting API level 10.

The Bike Bell Project will owe it’s success to all those users who show their support and downloaded the app – they know there is no valid reason that we can’t all share the roadways and footways. Bike safety is a cultural thing – and cultures are slow to change. We should expect to be safe riding on the road.


The project has the backing of the Amy Gillett Foundation who understand the issues around bike safety and the goals of the project. The Amy Gillett Foundation is a national organisation with a mission to reduce the incidence of serious injury and death of bike riders in Australia. ESRI, the world’s leading developer of GIS technology, also backs the project by making available their robust global platform for location awareness. The Bike Bell is being trailed in July 2015 in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and France.

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