Now we know that most of the excitement about the New iOS 8.4 Release is around Apple Music and the New Music App, but in the context of using your iPad or iPhone along with GPS to Capture Field Data, there was another significant fix – iOS 8.4 Fixes the Bug which prevented GPS Accessories (External GPS) from providing location data.



Not all iPads for example have an integrated GPS – It depends on whether it is the WiFi only Model, or WiFi and Cellular Model – Only the WiFi and Cellular Model has Assisted GPS with GLONASS.

Assisted GPS is a system that improves the startup performance, or time-to-first-fix (TTFF), of a GPS satellite-based positioning system. Assisted GPS uses cell/mobile tower data to enhance signal quality and precision.

With regards to External GPS Receivers there are a range of External GPS on the market now that can integrate with iPad & iPhone (iOS):

  • Bluetooth options, or Lightning Connector options, include – Bad ELF GPS, Garmin GLO and Dual XGPS products.
  • Higher accuracy RTK options are also now becoming available, which include – Arrow Series of RTK GPS, is an example.

iOS 8.3 had a known issue with external GPS. The bug could prevent position data from being delivered to iOS applications from certain external GPS receivers. The only solution was either not to upgrade to iOS8.3, or if you had, as we had wait for the iOS 8.4 update.

Having now updated to iOS 8.4 we can begin to explore the world of Apple Music whilst testing that the GPS connection issue has  been resolved.

Obviously when capturing data it is recommended that the emphasis is on the actual data capture, and not streaming and listening to your favourite music tracks  🙂