Our experienced staff use GIS every day and can be relied upon to meet any of your spatial data related needs.

We work for organisations that have established GIS departments when they need extra resources.

We also work for organisations that rely on us to be their GIS department.

We can provide the following services using your system or ours.

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Rent a Tech

We can help if you need someone to run your system on a short term or long term basis. Or perhaps you need an extra pair of hands to help with a specific task. Members of our experienced team are available for hire. Please contact us to discuss.

Map Production

We can take your data and show it on map. For example, you may want to see the location and distribution of your customers, projects or activities. This map could be published in traditional paper format with single or multiple copies, or you may want a digital version that can be published on a website or as PDF.

3D Modelling

If you have a land development plan and you need to clearly communicate your proposal then 3D modelling is an effective way of engaging with stakeholders. We can create a 3D model of your project and produce simulated flyer overs and 3D plans for better visual understanding.

Data Capture

We can help you obtain data from a variety of sources. If the data already exists then we can arrange to acquire it on your behalf. If you need to capture new data from scratch then we can arrange surveyors or aerial photography to produce vector or raster data of a quality to meet you need. Or perhaps you just need to have an existing paper map digitised?

Data Manipulation

We can help you if you have spatial data that needs to be modified in some way. Perhaps you have data in a weird format and you don’t know how to get it into your GIS. Or perhaps its been structured in a bad way and you need it fix. Or perhaps your organisation has just been through a merger and you want to combine databases.

Spatial Analysis

Spatial Analysis lets you do thinks like work out the best placed to build a wind farm based on factors of your choosing (such as proximity to existing infrastructure, wind strength and terrain characteristics. Or you can use spatial analysis to find out the best way to service assets given a particular distribution of service centres. Spatial analysis can help you with many decisions.

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