The Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) has changed the name of one of its divisions to Land Tasmania. locationmattersMichael Varney, the Acting General Manager of Land Tasmania, says that “the division provides key land focused services including land titles, Government property valuation, mapping, survey and spatial information”. The division was originally known as Information and land services but the moving of Service Tasmania from the old division has sharpened their focus on “providing the community with ready access to high quality, innovative services that deliver authoritative information about land and property in Tasmania”.

More details about the changes can be found in their newsletter.

We are already seeing many benefits from the new services provided by Lands Tasmania and their award winning Spatial Information Foundations (SIF) project. These include publicly accessible, excellent quality, online base maps for Tasmania and the provision of up to 50 datasets made freely available through the new Open data service.

opendataGaining access to data for system developments has been restricted in the past by the technical difficulties and costs, particularly for the non-government sector. This new approach opens up doors for many potential consumers of the data who have baulked at the costs of the past and found the acquisition process too hard. The data is now there for everybody to use and the benefit is to the Tasmania community overall.
Land Tasmania now wish to ensure their data and services are effectively utilised by the broader community. The division aims to work with the private sector and allow them to provide value added services based on the LISTMap platform. RIA Mobile GIS, together with a number of other indsutry representatives, recently participated in a private sector forum conducted by Land Tasmania. Michael Giudici of Land Tasmania said the intention of the forum was to determine “how the private sector can best leverage web services and LIST”.

One of the products that was outlined at the forum is the Field Based Data Collection service. This service facilitates “the depiction of field collected data through LISTMap via an Android or iOS mobile device. Applications can be tailored to suit an organisation’s needs, with restricted access. With a wide range of possibilities, this technology is currently being used to aid rapid response in emergency and disaster situations.”
RIA Collector

The service is based on Collector for ArcGIS, a free app from ESRI that runs on iOS and Android based tablets and smart phones. The app is data driven and can be readily adapted to specific end user needs. The service also makes LISTMap available for hosting data captured using Collector and the LISTMap platform. The division have already developed a number of applications including the RIA Fire ArcCollector, RIA Training and the Myrtle Rust Impact Assessment app.

The Land Division concedes it is unable to cater for all data collectors who require customisation services based on the Collector app. It is looking to the private sector to fill this need. As a developer of field data collection systems for over 10 years and a member of the ESRI partner network, RIA Mobile GIS is well placed to provide these services. We would be delighted to work with any group or individual that wishes to take advantage of the field based data collection service offered by Lands Tasmania.

Congratulations to Land Tasmania for developing a highly innovative product for the Tasmanian Community and its willingness to embrace the private sector to help it deliver the services it offers.

Need help making the most of the free service offered by Lands Tasmania?  Contact us for more information.