BikeBell is an app we’ve developed that alerts car drivers to cyclists based on their location so that when a vehicle comes within 2-3 seconds of a bike, a bike bell rings on the drivers device. The app runs on iOS and Android and can also work on footpaths to help the sharing of multiuse bike paths with pedestrians receiving notifications when riders approach them from any direction.

Whilst in the US recently for the ESRI Business Partners Conference we gained the support of ESRI and the Amy Gillett Foundation to undertake a trial of this application across Australia, New Zealand, Portland Oregon and France during the month of July.
The aim of this trial is to prove the scalability of this technology to handle the potential load put on the server to process this (large) amount of data – plus look at what type of interface works in this situation given that the aim of the application is to increase the awareness of vehicle drivers to the presence of cyclists – not distract them from this.  The question of how can we use smartphones (the most pervasive technology ever experienced in our history with 1.4 billion sold last year around the world alone!) to improve the safety on our roads and save lives is an compelling one I think.
If you would like to find out more information on this trial – with either a view to your organisation sponsoring and being actively involved in the trial which is being run on a cost recovery basis, or simply promoting participation in the trial as drivers and/or cyclists – get in touch with us and we will gladly send through more detailed information.

Find out more about the Bike Bell Project including how to download the app.