As you may now know the Bike Bell App has been released and is now in the app stores. What you might not know is that the App has also made it into the News.

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Cyclist develops road safety app

AFTER a few too many “hairy” experiences on Hobart’s winding roads, one cycling enthusiast has developed a potentially life-saving app.

Tim Price has created a smartphone app that aims to make the world’s roads a safer place by taking advantage of cutting-edge mapping technology.

To be downloaded by cyclists and drivers, the Bike Bell app creates an invisible virtual fence around the cyclist when two devices connect.

Once connected, a warning bell is triggered on the driver’s smartphone and the driver is able to take necessary precautions to keep cyclists safe on the roads.

From July, cyclists and drivers can download the app and participate in an international trial which includes cyclists in Australia, New Zealand, France and Oregon.

Mr Price has built his career working with location mapping technology and said he felt compelled to use his expertise to make a difference in the cycling community.

“Like most cyclists, I’ve been involved in some pretty hairy situations on the road, typically involving large buses and trucks that have limited visibility,” Mr Price said.

“I wanted to develop a user-friendly app that would encourage all road users to think and act differently when it came to sharing the road.

“Bike Bell helps drivers and pedestrians know where cyclists are, which is particularly useful in heavy traffic and bad weather, or on roads with blind spots, or where riders approach pedestrians from behind on shared bike paths.”