Our Bike Bell App is now in the app stores. This App contributes to safer cycling by alerting drivers and pedestrians about the presence of nearby cyclists. The Bike Bell development project is the combination of our mobile mapping experience and the goal of making my ride to work each day safer! The app is free for drivers and pedestrians, and an in App purchase to enable cycling mode.

The challenges the project faces are not just the technical (like accuracy of GPS, latency issues with moving vehicles and predictive location algorithms, data packet optimisation of authenticated data ever 2 seconds) – but also non technical like encouraging drivers to run the app – what’s in it for them when unfortunately most drivers don’t believe that they will be the ones who are involved in a crash with a cyclist.  There needs to be a carrot – and we’re working on ways to provide them; stay tuned.

I’m off to the ESRI User Conference in San Diego tomorrow to meet with other ESRI Partners to further our goal of a common platform for cycle apps and in car nav systems so they can all share this functionality to make the roads safer.  Looking forward to this unique event and the warmer weather!

Find out more about the Bike Bell Project including how to download the app.