Introduction to developing Apps for ArcPad

This one day course provides a functional overview of how ArcPad Studio can be used to customise ArcPad and extend its’ capabilities. In this course, you will learn how to develop customised data entry forms and how to use scripts to extend the capabilities of your ArcPad application.  You will also learn how to develop customised toolbars and how to provide a login function for ArcPad users.

The course is suited to students who have preferably both ArcPad experience and limited programming experience. However, the detailed course notes include examples and full working source code solutions to allow for a range of students and ensure that all attendees benefit greatly from the course.

You will learn about:

  • The underlying architecture of ArcPad.
  • Creating custom forms for data capture.
  • Adding and removing buttons on the user interface.
  • Creating scripts, applets, and configuration files.
  • The differences between Layers, Applets, Configuration files and Extensions.
  • Enhancing the functionality of ArcPad forms through scripting.
  • Modifying existing toolbars.

Course Features

Made in Australia

Many specialist software courses are developed in the USA.  Our course has been built for Australian conditions.  Rest assured that we do still adhere to the usual ESRI training standards.  The course also appeals to a broad cross section of users from Botanists to Engineers.


Familiarity with ArcPad and a basic understanding of programming.

Learning Methods

  • Instructor presentation of topics, concepts and techniques using slides and live demonstrations
  • Practice sessions with realistic ArcPad work flows.
  • Questions and discussions.

Experienced Trainers

Our trainers have over 10 years of experience and work with GIS every day, they know how to apply the technology to a variety of situations.  You can use us to bounce your ideas and help you better understand the software in your situation.

Added Value

Course participants will receive one month of free telephone support on the course material.

Course Outline

The ArcPad Studio Interface

  • The ArcPad Studio Environment
  • The different Studio Views – XML, GUI & Script View

The ArcPad Object Model

  • Properties, Methods and Events
  • Windows Scripting Framework

Customising ArcPad

  • Defining the Default Configuration, Layers Definitions, Applets & Extensions
  • Choosing a Customisation Environment

Configuring the Development Environments

  • Configuring ArcPad Studio
  • Configuring ArcPad

Building an Applet Form

  • Creating a Form
  • Registering Events

Creating a Custom Toolbar

  • Creating a Toolbar
  • Adding Buttons to a Toolbar
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