These courses build on our Introduction to ArcGIS course.


A one day course that focuses on geoprocessing and spatial analysis including buffering, intersecting and summarising.  You will work through a number of practical examples and gain familiarity with the tools in the ArcGIS toolbox.

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Map Production

A one day course on making maps.  Learn how to use ArcMap  to create maps that communicate effectively including how to work with data frames, layouts, reference grids, annotation and labels.

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Automating tasks

Learn how to streamline your ArcGIS tasks and improve your productivity with model builder and python.  Model builder lets string together processing steps to build comprehensive processing tasks that can be run with the click of a button.  This is a one day course.

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Custom Training

If you have a specific task to perform and you are not sure how to do it then we can help.  Discuss your requirements with us and then we can work with you to find the best way of achieving your goals using ArcGIS.  If you want us to document  the steps then we can do that too.  You will then have a training manual for your staff and colleagues.

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