RIA Mobile GIS is a unique business that focuses on information systems for field workers and the business operations that support them.

Our dynamic and innovative team specialise in the technologies that enable field service management including global positioning systems (GPS) and geographic information systems (GIS).

We work mainly for businesses that plan, maintain and operate assets and infrastructure such as roads, railways and pipelines as well as natural resource management groups that manage the environment.  The organisations that we serve all have a common need for up to date and timely information about the location and status of the features they manage. At the core of our systems are established commercial off the shelf products that we combine and integrate to suit the needs of each individual business or organisation.  We write systems, orchestrate data flows, ensure information arrives where and when it is needed and provide training.

We are based in Hobart and supply systems, expertise and services throughout Australia from the Antarctic Division based in Southern Tasmania to the bauxite mine in Nhulunbuy in the Northern Territory.

Established in January 2000, the directors of the company are Tim Price and Robert Driessen.

Why choose RIA Mobile GIS?

Reduced lead time

We have extensive experience in developing and applying geographic information systems technology in a range of industries and application areas.  We can help you get up and running quickly, help you avoid pitfalls and help you make full use of your proposed system.

Pragmatic no nonsense solutions

We combine extensive field experience with professional information technology knowledge so we know what works both in the office and out in the field.  Our solutions will not only meet your business objectives, they will also perform effectively and save time and money

Leverage existing technologies

We don’t like to reinvent the wheel.  We make use of existing, established, and proven off the shelf technologies wherever possible.  This reduces the usual risks of IT projects and provides a lower cost higher value solution in a shorter time.  Using existing technologies provides enormous flexibility as well as the security of safety in numbers: commercial off the shelf technology has the benefits of and established customer base and future proofing.


We are here to help, whether you need practical assistance working through a tricky problem of your own or you just need a reminder on how to perform a certain task.  We cheerfully support the technology and solutions that we provide


Our people are experienced workplace trainers and know how to transfer technical knowledge to a range of user groups including, executives, managers, farmers, machine operators, scientists and meter readers.


The technology components in our solutions provide value.  We ensure that they have the best available functionality for the price allowing you to spend more money where its needed.

Proven Track Record

RIA Mobile GIS provides software, systems, advice and services to hundreds of organisations throughout Australia.  Established customers return because we understand their needs, and we respond by providing practical solutions and reliable technology to meet their requirements.

Our Skills


GPS Data Capture


Geographic Information Systems - Development and Services


Integration - field and back office technologies


Software Development

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